The six best Sonic Mania custom levels

Knuckles, isolated from the outside world, believes they’re the intruders who stole the Master Emerald. With this new island comes a vast new location to explore and an ever-changing landscape full of unique levels that transition into cutscenes in seamless and effective ways. Aside from the story, it has innovative gameplay with Knuckles’ unique playstyle, which encourages exploration via his climbing abilities. The launch of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was held in style, as both the character and a work of this magnitude deserved. Apart from being able to play with Sonic or Tails, the game introduced us to the emblematic Knuckles, the guardian of the emeralds that Robotnik tricked so that he would not stop putting obstacles in our way.

  • Chao Resort Island is a game focused just on this Chao-raising side activity but blown up into a full game.
  • Not only that, but Sonic will soar in any direction you were holding when you canceled the attack, including backwards.
  • If you collect enough gold medallions you will unlock a “& Knuckles” mode which allows Knuckles to be your partner , however you can play as Knuckles while having “& Knuckles” activated causing 2 Knuckles to be on screen.
  • If you’ve still got a DS lying around, try and dig up this hidden gem, as it’s definitely one of the best Sonic games ever.

However, this is a Sonic the Hedgehog game, and it seems we can never have one of those without a few massive caveats. For indeed, while Lost World boasts some of Sonic Team’s best ever work, it also boasts some of its worst. As usual, problems occur when the game tries to be too clever for its own good and deviate from what is guaranteed to work. So it is that the game is packed full of some gimmicky, poorly designed crap that threatens to tear down all the goodwill earned by its quality moments. Whoever designed the flying levels, for example, ought to be institutionalized, and there are regular sections that see Sonic bouncing awkwardly across tiny clouds with a camera that provides a woefully misleading perspective. The hardest thing to get used to with Sonic Lost World is the concept of speed not being everything.

Sonic 2 expanded the formula in myriad ways, giving Sonic new moves like the spin-dash, bigger stages to explore with more branching paths, and more inventive boss battles. D Wisps, Colors gave players the speedy gameplay they wanted without sacrificing much in way of pacing. After Sonic Adventure turned the series on its head in 1999, Sonic Team followed that revolutionary entry with Sonic Adventure 2. This second mainline entry on Dreamcast kept much of the same gameplay but reduced Adventure’s dependency on exploration and diversity in gameplay. Sonic Adventure 2 is noteworthy for introducing fans to Shadow the Hedgehog, a new rival for Sonic that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Eggman, Knuckles, and Metal Sonic as the Blue Blur’s most beloved antagonists.

Sonic Colors (Ds,

It also doesn’t help that, as a 2D-style Sonic game, Sonic Mania draws less skepticism from longtime fans than the 3D adventure stylings of Sonic Forces. Perhaps that was the team’s attempt at giving this level some new flavor. From the sounds of Sonic fans online, it doesn’t seem to have worked.

Granted, CD still has its fair share of problems, in particular having to find Past signs to travel back in time then find the generator in every single stage to get the good ending, but I mostly enjoyed my time with it. Playing as Tails makes exploring a whole lot easier, though for some reason you can’t play as Knuckles here even though he would be a perfect fit for the level design. This version also has most if not all the features included in the PC version, such as both JP and US soundtracks and the D.A. Ultimately though, Sonic Generations is a great mix of classic and modern Sonic that highlights the best of the series and reminds us why we loved Sonic in the first place. Classic twist on modern levels, modern twist on classic levels and the overall combination of both game styles will satisfy long time Sonic fans while at the same time providing a great introduction to Sonic for new gamers. Sonic Generations may be, at least in part, celebrating a fair amount of mediocrity over the years, but manages to avoid being mediocre in the process; an accomplishment worthy of checking out in itself.

Look at any advertising previous to the release of the game, and a lot of it feels apologetic. Sonic Unleashed attempted to move away from the brand damage caused by Sonic The Hedgehog. Now Sonic Colors was attempting to move away from the absurdity that lasted throughout the 2000s, including Unleashed. The primary way Sonic Team did this was by moving away from the Sonic game elements in the 2000s, and looking to Mario for inspiration.

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If there is any aspect of Sonic’s gameplay that is potentially even more important than the rotation system, it would be the game’s momentum engine. When playing an early Sonic game, it is immediately obvious that something about the way he moves just feels different than other platformers. Instead, it takes time for him to slowly build up speed as he rolls, and he gains momentum more quickly when going down steeper slopes. He also doesn’t stop right away – his momentum carries him for some distance when trying to stop, and this distance is dependent on how fast he was going.

@Snatcher I think this is based on user ratings, and apparently updates in real time. Literally just rated Sonic Boom Fire & Ice, and it bumped it up going past Sonic Heroes. It’s amazing that this series lasted as long as it did, and didnt die along with Sega as a hardware company.

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